Col’cacchio Pizzeria talks to Expansion Experts

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Col’cachhio Pizzeria took part in a Franchise Success Study undertaken by Expansion Experts (in Asheville, North Carolina).  When asked what makes for successful franchising, Michael Terespolsky, CEO and Co-Founder of Col’Cacchio pizzeria responded as follows:

Franchise success is about having an unwavering passion and love for what you do and for sharing it with others. Col’Cacchio pizzeria opened its first location in Cape Town, South Africa, 21 years ago and started franchising in 2003. From the beginning we were not so much driven by our bottom line as we were by our passion to be the best of breed. We found our niche of high-end gourmet pizzas, pasta and salads and grew a brand that is consistent and meets our customer’s expectations in every one of our restaurants.”

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