We would like to take this opportunity to thank you, your company Wordsparks and your association with Franchising Plus for the effort and wonderful work you put into developing our Operations Manual to where it is today.

When we decided to embark on a franchise expansion strategy to grow the IWESCO brand and footprint, we had no idea what a project of this nature entailed and certainly didn’t expect the amount of detail that a manual would require.

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Shellie RoodtCEOIWESCO

Jacks Paint & Hardware has over many years, had a very close association with Wordsparks. Jack’s Paint developed a very strong training ethic over this period, and is very successful due to the association it has with Wordsparks, namely Lesley-Caren Johnson, who by nature has a passion for the franchise industry, customer service and small business in general, through the development of effective business tools and material to assist the franchisor in the market place.

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Chris RussellGroup Operations ManagerJack's Paint & Hardware

Towards the end of 2009, we decided to embark on a business expansion strategy utilising the franchise business format model and spent most of 2010 implementing the foundations for a solid franchise network. Both this strategy and the franchise mechanism required that we compile a clear and comprehensive operations and procedures manual which both our head office staff as well as our franchisees could utilise in order to manage the business in a consistent and efficient manner in line with our high operational standards and those of the National Credit Regulator.

As the Consumer Assist management team set about putting the franchise structure in place, it was decided that an expert in preparing operations and procedures manuals should be utilised to assist us with this very important aspect of the project. We were fortunate to meet Lesley-Caren Johnson of Wordsparks – a business specialising in the preparation of franchise documentation. Right from the start, Lesley-Caren impressed us with her efficient, professional manner as well as the fact that she was available when we needed her response to queries and project-related information. This approach not only instilled confidence but also achieved the desired outcome.

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Andre SnymanCEOConsumer Assist

As an entrepreneur and restaurant owner as well as being a rather fervent and “attention to detail” person, I am really good at identifying problem areas or “the gaps” in my business operations and putting procedures or systems in place to plug these holes. However, over the years, I have collected so much information pertaining to all aspects of the business that we felt we were drowning in the paperwork and had over-complicated many of our business processes.

It was at the time that we decided to embark on a franchise expansion strategy that we met Lesley-Caren Johnson of Wordsparks. Lesley-Caren was introduced to us in order for her to draft and compile a franchise operations and procedures manual (OPM) that we would use in our franchise network in order to provide franchisees and their staff with the Yamitsuki business policies and operational requirements.

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Dylan KentFranchisorYamitsuki